Strathmore African Blackwood Pipe Chanter $400 also available with hand engraved silver sole (enquire for price)

The Strathmore Blackwood Pipe chanter is the flagship product of Strathmore Bagpipes. Used by many of the top competitive solo pipers in the world, this chanter has won all the big prizes and is one of the most popular products in the market.

Strathmore Poly Pipe Chanter $190

Exactly the sameĀ  design as the Strathmore African Blackwood pipe chanter, this chanter provides an excellent tone for a smaller price.

Strathmore African Blackwood Long Practice Chanter $290

Designed with the same hole spacing and diameter as the pipe chanter, countersunk holes provide an excellent feel similar to that of the Strathmore pipe chanter. Also available with selection of Imitation ivory ball and engraved silver designs (enquire for price)